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The Mani

The Mani region of Greece lies in the southernmost part of the Peloponnese. Starting at Kalamata, it follows the Taygetos mountain range south to Cape Tenaron. Combining picturesque mountain villages with their stone tower-houses and lovely seaside villages, the Mani is a place of extraordinary beauty. From the wall of Verga, just south of the modern city of Kalamata, to villages of traditional Mani Fighting Towers in the southern end of the peninsula, the Mani is a region where the past and present coexist in close proximity. Scant kilometers from fishing villages with modern hotels, restaurants and internet cafes catering to summer tourists lie beautiful mountain villages, nestled amid olive groves, that have changed little in the last hundred years. While a popular spring and summer destination for European and American travelers, the Mani is untouched by the commercial mass-tourism industry. The towns retain their small village atmosphere and visitors do not have to fight crowds at the beaches or restaurants.

The Mani coastline stretches from Kalamata south to Cape Tenaron.


Village of Milia

Limeni Village

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